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Frequently Asked Questions

This is the faq that some people (readers and friends) ask me, and I will write it here, so I will never forget to answer that :D

1. What camera do you use to make a beauty/food review?

I use Canon Powershot A2300 and Sony NEX 5T. I bring it in my bag, wherever I go, anytime and for everyday :D
But as a photographer, I'm using Canon EOS 50D to do my job. You can check my online portfolio HERE.

2. What program do you use to edit your pictures?

I love Adobe softwares and have all of them in my laptop. I usually use Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Lightroom, and Paint :LOL:

3. Do you get annoy when another blogger asked to follow each others?

Definitely NO! I love when another blogger come across my blog, and leaving a comment! I will never get bothered when they ask me to follow back their blog. Why should I? I want to share my thoughts to EVERYONE! And I dislike another blogger that think that she is the only nice blog in this world -__-;

4. Do you get paid when review a beauty product or a restaurant?

NO. I do that because I want to share my opinion to you all of my lovely readers. When I get a sponsorship, I will tell you in the post.

5. Do you accepted an offer of sponsorship? What kind and how?

OF COURSE ^^ I love sponsorship! :giggle:

Any kind of event, beauty products, makeup, skin care, lenses, anything, I will make a review about your products honestly from my thoughts.
Contact me at: for further info.

6. Is there anyone that influence you when making opinions?

No one. All of the thoughts were originally from my mind :) I just tell you what I feel and my advices are honest.

7. What is your job currently, you seems have many free times to make posts regularly?

Who says that? =....="
I do have my job, I am a designer and photographer. I am quite busy, but I still can manage my time, so that I have free time to make posts regularly. Besides, blogging is one of my hobby too, since I found blogger in 2008 :)

8. Why named yourself "Rhea" while your real name was Priskilla Gita Lesmana? You hate your name?

I LOVE MY NAME, that was my very first gift from my parents! You can call me whatever you like. I tell you my story: in school, all call me Gita/Gigit/Gee (i have a lot of nickname). Few if my besties call me GEE. When I were 20, church gave me name PRISKILLA. And fyi, Rhea is my internet name, it means Zeus' wife. But, who cares with name, dear?

9. Why using English as your post language? Why not in Bahasa?

I want to practice my grammar and vocabs. I live in Indonesia, and 24 hours of my life spent with Bahasa. So I don't want to lose my learning about English :) Besides, I have some international friends and readers ^^

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Ephesians 3:20