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Mary's on Davie: From Sassy Server to Boozy Shakes

If I can say one word to describe Vancouver is: diversity. Once I stepped into this city, I realized there were thousands of nationalities live here. From North America to South, Asia, Europe, and also Australia. I have so many friends that I've never had before. The level of acceptance is huge…

Purple Liptint that Makes You Healthy!

[ENG] Hi Ladies! Did you know that purple lips is now becoming so hype and could be one of the trend color in the upcoming new year? I realized that purple is a pretty color and I love to wear purple on my everyday lips.

[IND] Hai Ladies! Tahu gak kamu kalau purple lips sekarang lagi booming dan bisa jadi satu dari warna tren di tahun depan? Aku merasa ungu adalah warna yang cantik dan aku suka pakai warna ungu di keseharianku.

TUTORIAL: Easy Homemade Mashed Potato

I love potatoes so much, mashed, steamed, fried, or whatever it is. I love it! One of my favorite cook of potato is mashed potato!
Check how I usually made this, very easy easy easy and homemade!

Also you can add cheese cream to the mix, hmmm, yummy!!
And for the finishing, you also can add cheese…

REVIEW: Beatrice Quarters + FOTD

Well, many of my readers asked me when would I make another food/restaurant review again. So today I wanna share about a wonderful lovely restaurant, located in north jakarta, indonesia.

Yesterday I had my girls day out with my two girls. We had a great fun day, culinary and chit-chat, we went tho this place for lunch. This pleasant place named Beatrice Quarters.

The big giant Beatrice. LOL!

It has smoking area in the outside too, for all of the smokers.

REVIEW: Chin Ma Ya Ramen


Last week I went to (another) ramen place! I am so happy, I love ramen so much! ^^ Love both Korean and Japanese. Please kindly see my another ramen's review HERE and HERE. If you have ramen restaurant, you can contact me, I would love to review that! :D lol

This restaurant is located in Tangerang, near my campus. Just small place to eat but so cozy. Sorry I forgot to capture the whole outdoor look of this restaurant.

menu book

REVIEW: Ikkudo Ramen


I think all of my reader knows that I love ramen soooo much!! I love trying any menu of ramen ^^ I love Korean and western food, too, but I love ramen first :D
See my another review about ramen: Ramen1

Last Sunday, I went to Ikkudo Ramen in PIK, Jakarta Utara, Indonesia. I never eat in this place before, because this place is too crowded!! I don't understand why is this place is always full of people, and they want to wait the waiting list in the front of the building! :O

I went at 5.05 pm, when Ikkudo start they selling. And guess what? F-U-L-L!

Trip to Mu Gung Hwa + My Hanbook Experience


I am back, with food and restaurant review! :D
Yesterday I went to Korean supermarket center at Kebayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia. I went there with my boyfie, and family. Named Mu Gung Hwa, it sells Korean foods and groceries. Since I love Korea so much, I start to like their food and culture too, not just the K-pop thingies and other make-up brands.

meat and veggies (kimchi!)

Do you like Binggrae, Korean ice cream with many flavors! I loveeeee it so much, but it a little bit pricey :LOL: I got them cheaper in Mu Gung Hwa!

heaven on earth!

REVIEW: Nanny's Pavillon + FOTD


How was your weekend? Mine was good. My granny came from Bandung and stays for few days. We went to Flavor Bliss, Tangerang, Indonesia. I craved for Nanny's Pavillon these days and we went there for our lunch! :D

 I dare myself to have a "spotted cheek makeup" for one day! Everybody's looking at me but I don't care, I feel so challenged :evil laugh:

REVIEW: DeRanch Family Outing & Resto


Hola Ladies, how was your weekend?
Last Sunday I went to Lembang and Bandung with my family. My uncle passed away, so I came to give my last honor to him :( But its okay, he is fine now, happy with God up there! ^^

After went to funeral house, I went back to Jakarta, via Lembang. We stopped at DeRanch, a big place to have family gathering. What a great place, Ladies!

In the morning, I came to my sister's house, and dressing my cute niece, Aurelia. She is so adorable, I love her smile and her babbles :LOL:
I picked many shirts and skirts for her to try, here are the results :D

And this is my FOTD. I don't use any makeup or base or whatever. Still sad that day. I ate sweet strawberry jello to comfort my mind.

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