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Eyelash Extension at Blink Beauty

Hai! Apa kabar? Maaf lama tidak update post karena sedang sibuk pindahan rumah. Nanti aku akan posting ya rumah baruku beserta mini workshop yang akan kugunakan untuk foto dan blogging! :D


Haiii ada lagi giveaway di blog ini! *tepuk tangan* Kali ini diadakan oleh SAN MAKEUP. Caranya gampang bangettttttttttt yaitu:

Choco Candy Soft Opening!

Hello my dear Lovelies, please introduce my online shop: CHOCO CANDY
Actually this is not only mine, I help my friend who loves to travel in Asia. She wants to provide these rare brands to every girl in Indonesia. So I accept the challenge!

Make Up Play: Simple Gyaru + REVIEW: Dolly Wink No. 13


What's up Lads? I am so happy, yes, super happy, finally I can buy a dolly wink false lashes! Lol. I love this brand, but I don't have one of them, till I bought this lower lashes. I choose Dolly Wink no. 13 with a name 'Baby Girl', sounds very cute indeed.

So, this is my make-up play, I named it Simple Gyaru make-up. I did not make a tutorial here, because I see tons of gyaru tutorial on youtube and another blogs. So, if I got request to do this tutorial, then I will do it :)

Here are my looks. I don't use any circle lens, which gyaru always wears. My eyes are so sensitive with dust, so my boyfriend forbid me to buy one! T____T (dunno if i get a sponsorship *slapped hard!* lol)

Make Over: Ulzzang Baby

Good day~!
Hi Ladies, introduce my best friend, my girl, Cynthia. She asked me to make her over, and looks like Ulzzang girl, like her found in the internet. So I try my best  :D

Though she's already pretty without make-up, still every girl will always love to explore make-up style! ^^  Ulzzan…

Make Up Play: Raccoon Eyes


I had my insomnia last night and I decided to do a makeup play with animal theme! :D
I call this Raccoon Eyes *crinnggg*

WHY RACCOON? Because I loveeee raccoon soooo much! They are super cute and innocent, OMG, I want to kidnap one from the zoo and keep it in my home ^^ *giggle*

What I used:
- Bare Face
- MAC Eyeshadows: purple, pink, shocking pink, red, and black
- JYMT Falsies

Click 'read more' to see the whole results! LOL

REVIEW: Rubotan EyeAces Eyelash & Double Lid Glue


In my earlier posts, I told you that I ran out of eyelash glue, so I bought a new eyelash glue, named Rubotan EyeAces from RU. Season, Japan.

cute box :D

It comes with kind of spatula (I dont know what to describe it), because this glue can be used as eyelid glue! I have monolid eyes, and I can make it double with this glue and spatula! :D *horaay*

REVIEW: J.Y.M.T False Lashes + FOTD


Back with me again *hugs* Today I wanna share about my new falsies. I bought this from Make-up & Tool Kit Shop, based in Indonesia. For only 70.000 IDR (at about 69 US$) I got 10 pairs of handmade falsies! It was quite cheap, and the quality is not bad! Love that! :D

They have many types of false lashes on their website, and I chose the most natural look for me.

in my eyes

I love the texture. I don't know what material it is, but the lashes are strong sticked to its main line.

the box
 Every false lashes sleeps well in a perfect order :D

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